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Church hosts spoken word

Playshis the poet

Koi International Worship Center, a non-denominational church on Wednesday night had a spoken word night. The Spoken word night is a radical approach by the church to uplift the youth’s spiritual, social and moral standards in their comfort zone without any judgment.

The night had the likes of seasoned and unseasoned poets such as Mark Mushiva, Nikolai (Okin) Tjongarero of Black Vulcanites hip-hop trio, Counney Kemp, Snowflake, Playshis, Harry, as well as the amazing vocals of Anna, Lady T and Pride.
Senior Pastor at Koi International Worship Center, Pastor Michael Amey, said the event was held to break barriers and touch lives outside of the four walls of church. “The theme of our spoken word is becoming the real me with no judgement, as a church that seeks to bring people together from different backgrounds we decided to set up a platform in a place where we can reach people from different back grounds without them having to feel that they are being “judged”.
A mix of 50 to 60 people from the church and non church members attended the event. Pastor Michael said that there is a very big possibility that another spoken word event will be organised by the church soon. Tendai Nyamayaro who is one the organisers also said that the hosting of a similar event is on the cards but a date is not yet set for the next spoken word night.

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