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Crashes drain MVA resources

Road accidents have serious financial implication for the victims, the families and the economy as well. It also puts a tremendous strain on the resources of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund which acts as third party insurer to cover loss of life, and the cost of convalescence. This serious accident took place on the night of 20 April in Robert Mugabe Avenue near Maerua Mall in Windhoek. (Picture By Jenny Sitole)

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund raised concerns over the high number of road accidents in the country and the strenuous implication these have on the funds paid out for road accident claims.

In the month of April alone 156 car accidents took place with 19 fatalities and 256 victims seriously injured, including a 35-year old mother and her daughter of 16, left with brain damage.
Road accidents have serious financial implications not only to the victims and families but also to the companies responsible for paying the financial and rehabilitation fee claims of the victims. The medical claim fees of car accident victims remain the highest financial strain yet for the MVA Fund. An amount of N$63 million was spent on medical fees alone in 2014.
“Road accidents not only put a strain on the finances of the country but it robs the country of the livelihood and productivity of citizens. The string of road accidents reported to the accident fund call centre resulted in the fund paying out N$5,6 million in respect of funeral claims. While N$72,4 million was spent towards benefits such as loss of support and injury grants” said Rosalia Martins Hausiku, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund. “Out of the 256 injured persons 142 unfortunately were young people between the ages of 16 to 35, while out of the 19 fatalities 11 were among that age group.” Meanwhile over the past long weekend a total of 44 road accidents took place causing 104 injuries and 8 fatalities. Traffic fines were issued to the value of N$309,000 while unlicensed and unroadworthy vehicles were issued with traffic fines to the value of N$65,000.
The Oshana and Omaheke regions each had three deaths while the Kunene and Khomas lost one person each. The statistics were confirmed by The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and The National Road Safety Council at a media briefing hosted by the police this week.

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