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Young shell customer drives away in luxurious vehicle

Proof that a little can go a long way saw the long awaited Shell Diesel Extra competition enter its climax producing an ultimate winner, Vistorina Amwele, who walked away with the grand prize of a Toyota Land Cruiser valued at N$500 000 at the recent live draw in Windhoek.
Vistorina’s luck did not end there as she also walked away with a brand new Iphone 5 in the other smaller draws held.
To qualify for the competition customers had to make a minimum purchase of N$50.00 at any Shell Select/Shop or N$35 worth of lubricants to be entered as one of the finalists.
The campaign which showcased Shell Diesel Extra kicked off in December 2013 and to date a total of 22 bikes worth N$ 330 000 have been distributed to winners countrywide and in addition, customers also won Ipads and Iphones.  The competition finale saw the other finalists of the competition settle for other prizes like the Iphones, Ipads and a quad bike. In the draw for the Iphones the winners were: V. Amwele, A. Kolokwe and B. Esterhuyzen.

For the Ipad category the winners were: J. Van Dyk, H. Hess and D. Tjiposa. In the quad bike category another female, E Mariano clinched her four wheels of glory.
The promotional campaign which showcased Shell Diesel Extra ran for three months.
Shell Diesel Extra is a diesel fuel with a unique formulation designed to give engines extra protection at no extra cost. It also keeps engines clean from harmful deposits that are a by-product of the gasoline burning process.
Shell Diesel Extra is a premier fuel brand that is formulated with corrosion inhibitors that create a protective layer over vital engine parts and prevents rusting, thus helping to keep your engine clean as you drive.

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