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Democratic Youth to celebrate 70th Anniversary

Eddie Kafita, Secretary of International Affairs, SWAPO Party Youth League, announcing the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) 70th birthday anniversary festival. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) announced earlier this week their upcoming septagenarian celebrations will be held in Namibia.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday in Windhoek, the World Federation of Democratic Youth said 70th Birthday Anniversary Festival is to be held in Namibia from 11 to 17 May 2015.
Eddie Kafita, Secretary of International Affairs, SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL), said the WFDY anniversary will be bringing about 500 youth leaders from around the globe and its closing ceremony will coincide with the 12 May Movement which will be taking place on 16 may 2015 in Otjiwarongo. “We know the 12 May Movement is based on the birthday of the founding Father Dr. Sam Nujoma, celebrating his life as Founding President, and suffuse his qualities of patriotism, hard work, humility and exemplary leadership to the youth of Namibia and Africa at large,” said Kafita.
He added that the Movement creates an opportunity for the youth of Namibia and African descent worldwide to draw lessons from the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation’s illustrious life of heroic sacrifice and public service. Kafita also added that they dedicate the 70th Birthday Anniversary of WFDY to the struggles and legacy of heroes who made it possible for the youth to be able to talk about solidarity and world peace. “All those African leaders, Founding Fathers of the Liberation Movements of the African Continent, we as the youth of this world want to thank you for your tireless spirit and contributions,” he said.
In 2013, the World Festival of Youth and Students was held in Quito, Ecuador under the theme “Youth Unite Against Imperialism for a World of Peace, Solidarity and Social Transformation.” Namibia was represented by more than 260 youth activists and it was at this festival that Namibia was entrusted with the privilege to host the 70th birthday anniversary on behalf of the entire African continent this year.

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