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We hope to hear again

Standing at the back of the group of young patients, are Prof Jurgen Lautermann, Prof Götz Lehnerdt and Dr Rudiger Junke, the medical doctors who treated 46 patients with ear problems in Rundu.

ClaSH Namibia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services conducted their 7th successful ear camp operation in Rundu last week.

The ear camp doctors operated on 46 children with hearing impairments. After the very successful medical campaign, ClaSH said most of these children suffered the after-effects of untreated infections.
Thus far 300 children patients have been treated through the programme also known as Operation Omakutsi which is the Oshiwambo word for ‘ears’. The doctors performing these operations are qualified Otolaryngologists also known as ENT’s from Germany. The doctors were brought to Namibia by non-profit organisations and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.
The ear operations are only performed in Oshakati and Rundu as residents in these towns are affected most by ear infections caused by chronic diseases such as malaria and meningitis. The surgeons have been  performing 40 to 50 operations in a day for the past 6 years since the programme started.
Chronic middle ear infections and running ears are preventable by early detection and adequate medical treatment. Professor Götz Lehnerdt also mentioned modern baby screenings such as neo-natal screenings that can help doctors detect if anything is wrong with the baby.
Since Operation Omukutsi started in October 2012, the success rate is 95%. Only 5% of all ear operations performed, did not respond to the treatment. For every cycle of treatment, the visiting doctors ensure the staff at the state hospitals are trained to provide the specialist care the ear patients require post-op.
Taking Operation Omukutsi a step further, the German doctors have engaged medical students at UNAM to carry on with, extend and grow the legacy of the programme. When the first locally qualified medical doctors join the programme, it will be expanded to other hospitals.

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