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Budding TV star in love with cows

Neville Hembapu is the ‘star’ in the latest Namibia Dairies advertisement, “The Nammilk Way”, a campaign which was launched in the third quarter of 2014 when fellow Namibia Dairies colleague, Katrina Links featured in the first advertisement.

Neville’s smile says it all: “I did not have to act at all. I love my job and I love our cows.” He works as a cowhand at the !Aimab Superfarm at Mariental.
An employee at Namibia Dairies for the past two years, Neville was ‘discovered’ during a Talent Attraction drive. Overcoming many obstacles, he said “We have a strong, diverse team that is always willing to assist and grow those around them.”
“Milk production in general is a challenge; you have sensitive cows that require careful handling and treatment. On the other hand, you have a dynamic team with differing views. However, I have to admit that aligning myself and those around me with the Ohlthaver & List values, we have become a family and we speak the same language which eliminates some of the unnecessary challenges” he said, again smiling.
Neville was initially tasked with assisting in finding a right candidate for the Nammilk Way advertisement, but after being interviewed by the set director he was told that he had the job. “Shooting the adverts was tiring but also immensely gratifying. It was a great experience, an eye-opener, and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
I met and worked with a team of dedicated and fun-loving individuals. I got special treatment and felt like I was Denzel Washington. At one point I thought I should perhaps reconsider my agriculture career and pursue one in acting. So, it was really a great experience.”
The most important message in the advertisement is that he can be an ambassador for Namibia Dairies, setting an example and inspiring the nation to support local goodness. “Many people are interested in our products, and everyone is expecting me to tell them more about our brands because the willingness to support local products is there. So, I consider myself more of a role model and an ambassador than a celebrity.”

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