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3rd edition Corridors’ guide

CEO of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Johnny Smith.

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) has launched the 3rd special edition of a ‘A Guide to the Walvis Bay Corridors’.

The Guide highlights the key elements that make up the Walvis Bay Corridors and serves as an important overview and introductory document to potential and existing Walvis Bay Corridor users. In addition, the guide provides stakeholders with general information of the corridors, members of the WBCG, the Public Private Partnership set-up of the WBCG as well as other relevant information for corridor users. The publication provides a consolidated breakdown of key issues which include among others, customs documentation and paper work, transport, port and railway information as well as shipping lines and routes which assist to ensure efficient transport of cargo along the corridors.
‘A Guide to the Walvis Bay Corridors’ aims at providing a frame work for key decision-makers in the local, national and international arena when utilizing the Walvis Bay Corridors via the Port of Walvis Bay. The guide reflects on the benefits of utilizing the corridors which include efficiency and cost and time saving. It serves as an additional tool to promote the Walvis Bay Corridors in the region and abroad.

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