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Veterinary Cordon Fence for Kavango East

Emergency measures are underway to control and prevent the further spread of foot and mouth disease in the Kavango and Zambezi Region along the Namibian and Botswana Border with a Veterinary Cordon Fence at Njova in the Mukwe Constituency of the Kavango East Region.

Following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease last year March in the Mukwe constituency. The outbreak was the second in the area following the outbreak in 2010 in the same constituency. The Hambukushu Traditional Authority petitioned construction of a fence on the Western Boundary of the Bwa-Bwata Game park which proved ineffective as cattle and buffaloes were not effectively separated and this led to the 2014 outbreak behind the fence. According to the Ministerial statement both outbreaks were attributed to the close association of African buffalo with domestic livestock. “In response to this outbreak, MAWF has decided to invoke the original plans for the location of the VCF at Ndjova which is adequately removed from the banks of the Kavango River where most of the mixing of cattle and buffalo occurs.” said the Permanent Secretary of Agriculutre, Water and Forestry, this week. This location is the most efficient for the control of FMD considering the buffalo and wild life migratory paths and the access of the various communities to their crop fields and water points, the ministerial statement said.

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