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Recycling helps special-needs learners

Dagbreek learner, Wayne Keyster, second from right, works as a recycler at Rent a Drum during school holidays. He enjoys the bottling section most and with the money he earns he has bought himself new clothes. The kettle he holds serves to show the residents of Klein Windhoek that they should not put broken kettles or carton boxes into their recycling station. With him are, from the left, Headmaster Paul du Plessis with Marlo Fleermuys, and teachers, Sanja Klotz and Lea Tjipetekera.

Headmaster of Dagbreek School for learners with disabilities, Paul du Plessis, has taken recycling a step further, encouraging his unique learners to earn some money for themselves by helping out at a local recycling company.
This is an extension of the school’s successful recycling programme which is employed as an educational aid.

“The recycling programme launched at our school in 2013 by FNB Global United Climate Kick has touched our school in different ways. The entire school is collecting recycling items to be placed in the bin. Learners have learned about protecting our resources and recycling and they are also keeping our school and immediate surroundings clean,” said du Plessis.
He added that the FNB Global United Climate Kick project has proven to be beneficial on many more levels. “Our senior learners are volunteering for work on Friday’s at Rent a Drum, where they are taught to sort different materials. Rent a Drum’s management is extremely pleased with our learners and therefore walk the extra mile with our school in providing job exposure and creating job opportunities for our learners who are leaving school. Some of our learners are also working there during holidays while one of our school leavers is now permanently employed at Rent a Drum.”
Du Plessis said their recycling involves both the school and the neighbouring Klein Windhoek suburb, remarking that their recycle station is always full. “We placed our recycle station outside and since then Klein Windhoek residents have been assisting in filling it up. Unfortunately they do not always put only glass, paper, plastic and cans in the station but also other items such as dead animals and cartons which do not form part of the recycle drive. We request the residents to please take note of the items that should go into the recycle station. This is of utmost importance especially as we sort them all properly before Rent a Drum collects during the week.”

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