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Legal Shield Awards Bursaries to Law Students

Kevin Anderson, Head of Trustco Insurance with Legal Shield Bursary recipients Ndamonao Ilovu, Johannes D. K. Kariseb and Karel Gaeb

On 12 February, three LLB students from the University of Namibia received bursaries from Trustco Insurance, the holding company for Legal Shield, at the official award ceremony held at NICE restaurant and bar.
Legal Shield bursaries are awarded each year to deserving students who are pursuing legal studies within Namibia. These bursaries, worth N$ 25 000.00 per student, are awarded to alleviate the financial burden associated with the high costs of tertiary education.

This year’s bursaries were awarded to Ndamonao Ilovu, Johannes D. K. Kariseb and Karel Gaeb for the 2015 academic year.
“Legal Shield is a great promoter of education as they provide sponsorship to law students that will enable them to fulfill their dreams in becoming lawyers,” said Ilovu.
For many students fresh out of tertiary institutions, finding employment is difficult. In many cases, it is their work experience that may give a graduate competitive edge over another prospective candidate.
Ilovu, who in addition to receiving the bursary, was offered the opportunity to work as an intern for Trustco Group International, stated that the opportunity opened her up to the daily practicalities of a law career.
Apart from financial assistance, Trustco Insurance grants graduates the opportunity of employment. During employment, graduates obtain vital practical experience in the field of law preparing them for a bright and successful future thereafter.
“Working for Trustco Group International has given me a great chance to get work after I finish my studies,” stated Ilovu.
Kevin Anderson, Head of Trustco Insurance, highlighted the importance of competent legal practitioners and praised this year’s bursary recipients. “We congratulate each of them for their achievements thus far and look forward to seeing their futures develop by leaps and bounds.”
Although the bursaries will aid in lifting the financial burden of the students, Anderson pointed out how being awarded a bursary will create a greater responsibility on all recipients to ensure that they excel in their studies. “When you join Legal Shield in the claims department you will need to be up to speed and at your best,” stated Anderson.
Trustco Insurance will continue to assist law students through its annual bursary awards, which has already seen a total of 30 students benefiting thus far. According to Anderson, the company believes in dedicating resources to the future legal leaders, “particularly investing in resilient and enthusiastic students pursuing a career in the legal profession.”

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