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Finnish Fund applications for local cooperation now open

Finnish Fund applications for local cooperation now open

The Embassy of Finland introduced their new priorities for the Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) last week at an event at the Warehouse Theatre. At the event a call for the project proposals which will be open until October was announced

Johanna Unha-Kaprali, Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy said they are pleased to fund several local projects that will begin the celebratory year.

“The Funds priority areas are rights and status of women and girls, the growth of developing countries economies to generate more jobs, livelihoods and well-being, democratic and better functioning societies and food, security, access to water and energy as well as sustainable use of natural resources,” she added.

Topias Tamminen, Programme Coordinator at the Finnish Embassy said the eligibility criteria for FLC is intended for project only and not meant for core funding, and amongst the candidates they will likely choose between 4 to 8 proposals.

“The chosen projects will receive a grant of between £10,000 to 100,000 and the projects must be implemented within one or two years,” he explained.

He said funding can not be granted to government, ministries or municipalities, to unregistered organisation, to political parties, for basic research, for single cultural events, for charity for humanitarian aid, in the form of a grant or scholarship, for purchasing land, for a fund and for building the capital of micro-credit systems.

Tamminen stated that they have selected the thematic areas of leave no one behind, fair, equal and inclusive Namibia, dynamic and thriving Namibia and climate resilient and sustainable Namibia, therefore projects funded should focus to address one or more of these areas.

“Assessment of the applications and the selection process will take place in October and November and responses to all applicants, including both accepted and rejected will be sent by 31 December,” he informed.

Tamminem encouraged the public to apply by downloading, filling in the form and printing it from their website, which should be accompanied with a latest annual report, financial statement, the CVs of the project manager and a project budget. “The application should be hand delivered to us and we may also request a soft copy of the application,” he added.

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