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AIGS hosts Namibia road show

AIGS, sub-Saharan distributor of Yellowfin and the Progress suite of products, hosted a road-show on Tuesday at the Safari Court Hotel and Conference Venue in Windhoek. The road-show introduced the features and benefits of award-winning BI product, Yellowfin, to Namibia, as well as provide valuable insights and feedback on the recent Progress Exchange conference held in Orlando, USA.

Premie Naicker, MD of AIGS, said that this follows an extremely successful road-show to Zimbabwe at the end of last year. “We have been gratified to see the interest our sub-Saharan partners and customers have shown in our solutions, and this event is part of our launch into new territories. Our expansion across the SADC borders has been as a direct result of market needs.” The road show included detailed workshops on the Yellowfin offering, as well as an update on the latest developments from Progress, also represented in sub-Saharan Africa by AIGS. It also featured two technical sessions for Progress and Yellowfin for the more technical delegates, as well as general sessions and case studies from Automate and others for business and technical attendees alike. “The business environment is a complex and fast-changing one. Trends such as the cloud, mobility and big data are driving the need for analytics tools that can deal with the flood of data that is drowning today’s enterprise, and this is where solutions like Yellowfin enter the picture,” she explained. “The road-show also showcased Progress’ offerings that answer the challenge of market pressure to develop software applications for competitive advantage. These include the company’s new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering as well as highlighting the benefits of existing products such as OpenEdge,” said Naicker. PaaS is another of those tech terms which is increasingly seen and heard nowadays. It is a category of cloud computing, meaning it is hosted online and can be accessed via an Internet connection and any web browser that provides developers with a platform to build, run and test applications and other services over the internet while using tools that are supplied by the PaaS provider. Then consumers and enterprises are able to rent those applications as well as other services and products such as hardware, storage, network capacity, virtualised servers and operating systems also via the Internet Yellowfin now boasts tens of thousands of clients in over 50 countries, and has over a million end users. “Yellowfin’s success speaks for itself,” said Naicker. “As does that of Progress, which is used by nearly 140,000 organisations in more than 180 countries. We look forward to showcasing what our software can do for Namibian companies, and growing our relationships with the Namibian business community as a whole. Nambia is an important region for us. We have seen our business, and our cross-border relationships grow from strength to strength, and look forward to even more growth going forward,”added Naicker.

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