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First vision school achieves 80% pass rate

Learners and teachers of Rukonga Vision School at the inauguration of their school in 2013, making it the first vision school in Namibia

The first ever vision school in Namibia, Rukonga Vision School did well in this year’s Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary level (NSSCO), with five learners in the national top 50 even though they only opened their doors in 2013.  Mr Moses Gorengecho, Principal, Rukongo Vision School, reported that these learners were the first to sit the NSSCO examination in 2014. 102 learners sat for the examination and they had an 80% quality pass rate.

He added that all the learners come from vulnerable and socially disadvantaged villages surrounding the school in the Kavango East Region. He explained that Physical Science was the best performed subject and English second language, the worst performed subject. He said that one needs to understand the background of the learners, but that their belief is that there will be a significant improvement in the English subject performance next year. He emphasised that both teachers and learners worked very hard and that evening classes, remedial teaching, one on one support, holiday classes and extensive revision all contributed to their performance.  He said their aim is to have all their learners who sit for the examination qualify for Polytechnic or UNAM and that they are concerned when learners’ formal learning experience halts in Grade 12. He thanked the teachers, learners, parents, Regional Office, Head Office and the support visit teams and that they will continue to build a truly Vision School culture, beliefs and values that support competitiveness. Rukonga Vision School targets the most disadvantaged learners and it is a complete secondary school offering grade 8 to 12 with the aim to provide and sustain intensive educational support to potential learners from a disadvantaged background.

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