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A citizen who makes a difference

Marbeline Mwashekele said many supporters have joined her campaign Friends Against Poverty, to help the poor and needy.

Marbeline Mwashekele, Deputy Director of Information and Research in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs established a non-profit charity organisation called Friends against Poverty in 2011 when she saw a story in the media showing Namibians eating food from a dumpsite.

“I could not believe that in a population of about two million people, some of our very own were living like animals and scavenging for food to survive,” she said.
She instantly started looking around her house for items that were of no use to her, so that she could contribute it to those who needed them.
Her conscience would not let her stop at that thus she logged on to Facebook and invited her friend to do the same.
“Soon after this I started the Friends against Poverty campaign page on Facebook, and continued inviting others to join me to do their bit and make a contribution to this traumatic situation,” she said.
She also stated that her reasons for zoning in on this particular group does not necessarily mean that she is sidelining or ignoring the plight of others who are living in poverty in Namibia.
 “However, because I am but one person, and do not have proper backing and a huge support system, I am forced to focus on a small group whose lives I can help to make better,” she continued.She is elated that people started joining the page and wrote comments, gave suggestions and ideas of what could be done. Currently the page has 3011 followers and counting. “In order to get ordinary Namibians involved, I created the Give What You Have Day, through the Give What You Have initiative, therefore I urge all Namibians, young and old, to go through their homes, involve their family and friends and find items that are of no use to them and give it to the poor and needy,” she requested.

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