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WhatsON’s popularity has doubled since last year

L-R) Theo Wormsbaecher, Web Developer, Smart Move and Delia Magg-Thesenvits, owner of WhatsOnNamibia, at last years re-launch of the website, where local initiatives can promote their events. WhatsON will turn one year old on 23 February 2015. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni)

WhatsOnNamibia an interactive events website that was re-launched five months ago, and not even a year since Delia Magg-Thesenvits took over, the project is doing very well.
Delia informed the Economist that there is much more happening than what many people think and there is a huge interest in this type of information dissemination.“People share my view that such a service is also good marketing for Windhoek and Namibia,” said Delia.

Delia said that more and more people upload their events on to the website, especially the arts and culture scene is very active. “My goal for 2015 is to also get the sports people on board, since December WhatsON is not limited to Windhoek any more, it is a service for the entire country,” she added. The Facebook page was already renamed and the website is now also available at
“The number of Facebook fans has doubled since March and the website is loaded about 12 000 times per month, but the number went down during the holiday season,” she said. Delia added that in 2014 she established collaborations with radio and print media that publish her events, the City of Windhoek also accommodates WhatsON event information in their newsletter. “People really want to know what’s on, and it is good if they find the information on line, in newspapers, on radio and in advertising, repetition is key,” she added.
Delia also mentioned that since tourism, conference guest or business travellers usually do not consume local media, it is in her agenda for 2015 to explore channels to also reach these audiences.
“Namibia is hosting international conferences and sport events, therefore I want to make sure they know about WhatsON to make their stay even more nicer, and organisers who upload their events onto the website will automatically benefit from my marketing efforts,” she said.
“Seeing all these happenings I would love to travel a lot more but for now I will focus on improving the service and hope that people have a good time at these events, and that organisers see the value WhatsON is giving them,” concluded Delia.

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