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Occupancy rates at tourism establishments top in October

Occupancy rates at tourism establishments top in October

October is so far the best performing month for occupancy at tourism accommodation facilities in the country, recording a rate of almost 34% across the country, according to the Tourism Accommodation Occupancy report for October 2021, released by the Hospitality Association of Namibia.

Gitta Paetzold, CEO of the Hospitality Association of Namibia said it is promising that the performance of October 2021 is more than double that of 2020, where Namibia reached an overall occupancy in October of 14.45%. In October 2019 (pre-covid), Namibia reached almost 70% occupancy.

“Since July, traditionally the start of the tourism season for Namibia, we have seen occupancy increase from 12% in July, just under 20% in August and 27% in September to just under 34% in October,” Paetzold said.

Comparing the current occupancy reports in terms of the origin of guests, October 2021 also saw the return of the majority of clients to establishments originating from Europe, with some 47% coming from the various European countries, while Namibians occupied some 38% of beds.

“It is hoped that this growing trend will continue for the rest of the year and into 2022. But the tourism sector, which we would like to refer to as the special sector, is very aware of the challenges and uncertainties prevailing due to the pandemic, and thus remain cautiously optimistic about the general tourism recovery efforts undertaken in Namibia,” Paetzold added.


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