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Month: March 2013

MTC grows revenue to N$1.6 bn

MTC revenue for the 2012 financial year has gone up 11% to N$1.6 billion, the company announced Wednesday. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) also increased by 11% to N$860 million while net...

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My baby is orange too

Orange Babies is the charity of choice to receive a donation of N$1000 when reporters from The Economist took part in the 2013 Bakpro Celebrity Bake-Off Competition earlier this month. The main focus of Orange Babies is to...

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MTC wary of leo threat

The recent take-over of second mobile operator, leo, by Telecom Namibia presents a challenge to MTC ‘s dominance of the country’s mobile telecommunications space, the mobile telecommunications giant has conceded.MTC MD Miguel...

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