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Author: Rikus Grobler

Disruptive Innovation – Part 2. Embrace disruptive technologies

By Rikus Grobler – I am continuing with the short series on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation. This is the occurrence where industries are basically made obsolete through an innovation that creates a new market and value network, displacing an earlier technology. In the previous discussion, I defined the spectrum of “newness” related to innovation (incremental to radical) and looked at some examples of disruptive innovation. In this article I want to review some strategies organisations can deploy to counter disruptive innovation or even benefit from it by creating new channels. Defending disruptive innovation Organisations today, face a big...

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Applying innovation to the Business Model

By Rikus Grobler – In the previous column I looked at the concept of selling innovation to the business, i.e. getting buy-in for innovation and changing behaviours in order to innovate. I made the case that an established organisation is designed to execute a repeatable and scalable business model as efficiently as possible. Every large organisation, whether it can articulate it or not, is executing a proven business model. However, competition and change are relentless, so business models become obsolete, e.g. the cassette tape player was replaced by the cd player, which was replaced by the iPod, which is...

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Making innovation real

By Rikus Grobler of Namibia Innovation Solutions [email protected] I get a lot of questions on how do you make innovation real, so that it is not only an “academic” or “theoretical” concept, i.e. how does it look in practice? Being an innovation scholar, I am always at risk of making innovation too theoretical, but having said that, I firmly believe that all practice have its roots in the theory, but that is probably a discussion for another day… So in this article I want to focus on making innovation tangible in your organisation. Making Innovation Real Before going...

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Innovation maturity

By Rikus Grobler of Namibia Innovation Solutions [email protected] In the previous article I had my say about how to deal with naysayers, the disbelievers in organisations who do not support anything new or different. Based on the number of hits on the article on the website, it looks like a number of naysayers have it coming for them! In this article I want to talk about innovation maturity. It is one thing to make a conscious decision about pursuing innovation in your organisation, but “dumping” a new way of doing things on an organisation usually goes along with...

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How to deal with naysayers

Background In the previous article I looked at the processes of aligning innovation goals with the organisation’s strategy. The rationale behind this is that if an organisation can incorporate innovation goals into the strategic plan, it will become something that is monitored and measured. I planned to discuss innovation maturity in this article, but I decided to skip it for this week and address another issue that has been bugging me for a while now – people who always see the negative side of things, and who are not open to any new ideas or a change in the...

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Aligning innovation goals to strategy

In the previous article I considered some innovation resolutions for the New Year and discussed some tactics to establish and sustain new habits. One of the innovation resolutions I mentioned was planning for innovation and working to incorporate innovation goals into planning and budgeting cycles like the annual plan. The rationale behind this is that if an organisation can incorporate innovation goals and funding into the plan, it will become something that is monitored and measured. Whatever your innovation goals, it’s important to take the time to think about how well these goals align to your organisation’s or team’s...

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Marketing toolkit for Start-ups

14 December 2016 By Rikus Grobler I am currently on the topic of marketing for start-up businesses. In the previous delivery, I specifically looked at Guerrilla Marketing as a strategy. In this delivery I want to lay down some of the necessities for a start-up marketing “toolkit”, and share an example of a start-up that got it right with their marketing efforts. Start-up Marketing The first thing to take note of is that Start-up Marketing is different to traditional marketing. Why? At a high level a start-up is different from a small business because it’s trying an unproven product,...

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Guerrilla Marketing for Entrepreneurs

In the previous delivery I looked at cash flow and the impact it has on a business. Understanding and managing cash flow is crucial for any business, even more so for a business starting up. So if there is one area of finance entrepreneurs have to pay attention to, it is cash flow. A business cannot exist without customers, and customers cannot do business with you if they are not aware of your offerings. I have seen over and over again in business plans how prospective entrepreneurs underestimate the cost of marketing, which is in fact one of the...

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