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“Cry seal”

Dear sir,
Namibia has for many years been a destination we have looked forward to travelling to, not only for its value, but especially for the multitude of attractions it has on offer. It is surely one of the best destinations for any would-be adventurer and we can think of few things better than enjoying ice cold Windhoek beers under the shade of palm trees on the promenades of Swakopmund.
We find it ironic that a country with so much potential chooses to isolate itself from international tourism on the basis of its annual seal cull. The violent, savage and cruel beating to death of 85 000 baby seals and 6000 adult bulls is totally unacceptable.
Our challenge to you is to put an immediate end to this barbaric practice. The cull is totally unnecessary and does nothing positive for your country except to appease the greedy commercial interests of one Hatem Yavuz. In fact, all the cull is doing is tarnishing your status as a viable international tourist destination. Employment for the 150 people involved in the clubbing of seals can (and will) be found if you take the initiative to market your seal colony properly in terms of eco-tourism. I believe that a huge market can be developed from the sale of seal faeces as fertilizer.
Until the cull is ended, we will boycott your country not only in terms of tourism, but all Namibian produce. We will not drink those wonderful beers as previously mentioned, we will not buy “blood diamonds” from De Beers who support your economy. We will ensure that any marble, aluminium or tin that we purchase does not come from Namibia.
Sammarye Lewis San Jose, USA
Teresa Silva, Portugal

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