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Union embarks on campaign

In an endeavour to make their plight known and improve the working conditions of the metal motor and engineering sector workers, the Metal Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU) will be launching an online campaign. The campaign will run with the theme “Organise Metal, Motors and Engineering Workers or Starve them” MANWU said that the Motor and Engineering Sector in Namibia deserves to have a decent minimum wage, favourable condition of employment, specific trainings, benefits related to what they contribute to companies they worked for and to the economy of this country. Adding that the industry has huge gaps of salaries between whites employees and black employees. MANWU pointed out that it is evident that a white mechanic is not paid as a black qualified mechanic. “Many Young graduates from VTCs are paid peanuts as no guidelines in the industry, employee’s rights at workplaces are compromised, right to bargaining is compromised, Health and Safety matters are compromised and many others.”, said MANWU.  MANWU said they would like to call for militant membership in this industry and other sectors they operate and for unity of no compromise once the employers start to intimidate them during the process as well as the call for full unionisation of all metal, motors and engineering workers in the country.

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