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Airports Company conducts emergency drill at Hosea Kutako International

Airports Company conducts emergency drill at Hosea Kutako International

The Namibia Airports Authority (NAC) announced the completion of a comprehensive emergency exercise held at Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA) on Thursday afternoon.

The drill simulated three distinct incidents: a bomb threat onboard a Fly Namibia aircraft, a bomb threat within Terminal 2, and a hostage situation also within Terminal 2. These scenarios aimed to evaluate the airport’s emergency response procedures, coordination among agencies, and the readiness of personnel to handle crises effectively.

NAC reassured the public that the exercises were entirely simulated, with no actual danger posed to passengers or staff. Safety protocols were rigorously followed to ensure the well-being of all participants, aligning with the airport’s commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and security.

Bisey /Uirab, NAC Chief Executive, expressed satisfaction with the drill’s successful execution, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to ensuring airport safety.

“As hubs of global travel, airports demand meticulous safety measures. Conducting exercises like this allows us to identify and address any vulnerabilities in our emergency response procedures promptly,” /Uirab affirmed.

Meanwhile, NAC extended appreciation to the various entities and agencies that contributed to the success of the emergency drill.


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