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This is for the skinny girls

In primary school I was a care free child, active in sports and any other activity that they offered and I thought my body was just like any other normal girl. That all changed when I went to high school, when people started making funny comments and mind you it was not the kids who where making these comments but the adults.
I got comments like, “Oh my word how do you walk on those two sticks” or “don’t your parents feed you”, that is when I started opening my eyes and realising, yes I am much skinnier than most people. And that is when I started isolating myself, wearing baggy clothes and stopped being active in school activities and the library become my best friend.
People say it is not what is outside that counts but what is inside, but those are the same people who will judge you by the way you look. And you might try to ignore all the negative comment and concentrate on the positive comments, but it takes a lot of strength. But how can you concentrate on the positive if your self esteem is already very low?
People always think skinny girls have the best lives and that every piece of clothing they buy fits and that they look good in anything. We have our issues too. So please stop asking us questions like “do you eat?” or “are you a model”. Yes I do eat and I eat a lot and no I am not a model. I am not so shallow to starve myself because I want to look good.

And the funny thing is that even family members make these funny comments and give you silly but hurtful nicknames. But when you retaliate and start asking questions like, damn girl how many necks do you have? Or are you sure you are going to fit in that chair? Then all hell breaks loose, why the double standards?
People get with the programme you get what you give. Not only big girls/women have self esteem issue or are being judged and made fun off. And I hate the misconception that because you apparently have an almost perfect body and that means you do not have a brain. Well for your information God gave me a brain too, to accompany this lovely body of mine. A brain to defend myself against the haters and to study hard to to become a trophy wife to somebody.
That is why I wear what ever I want to hold my head up high and go about my business regardless of what anybody says or thinks of me. And one thing I will never do is start making fun of myself to stop others from making fun of me. HELL NO!! I have heard people say really demeaning things to themselves to their friends. Things like “Hey guys daddy long legs has finally arrived”. For what? That gives people more ammunition against you. If you make comments like that about yourself, you are just opening the flood gates for them to also make silly little comments like that. So to all my skinny girls especially the younger generation accept your body, its the only one you have and treat it with respect and it will do wonders for you. I have long stopped smiling and laughing it off when people make fun of me and pretending that it that it is fine for them to say things like that. Mika says in his song “Big girls you are beautiful”, well let me flip it and say “skinny girls you are beautiful”. Yes I said it!!

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