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Energy infrastructure expanded with inauguration of 400kV Auas-Gerus transmission line

Energy infrastructure expanded with inauguration of 400kV Auas-Gerus transmission line

The 400kV Auas-Gerus transmission line was inaugurated last week on Friday, signaling a significant stride towards bolstering the nation’s energy security and fostering regional cooperation.

Addressing attendees at the inauguration ceremony, Tom Alweendo, the Minister of Mines and Energy, reaffirmed the country’s dedication to achieving energy self-sufficiency by 2030, aligning with the objectives outlined in Vision 2030, the Harambee Prosperity Plan, and National Development Plans.

Alweendo underscored the importance of the newly constructed transmission line, stating, “The construction of the 400kV transmission line marks a significant milestone in our journey towards energy security and regional cooperation.”

The project, financed by power utility, NamPower, with an investment of N$873 million, is anticipated to facilitate enhanced regional trade and enable Namibia to export surplus energy to neighboring nations.

“This backbone infrastructure will facilitate increased regional trade, allowing us to export surplus energy to neighboring countries. Furthermore, it will enhance the security of our energy supply, meeting the rising demands of industries and ensuring stability and reliability for investors,” Alweendo emphasized.

Emphasizing the significance of skill transfer and local involvement, Alweendo highlighted the socio-economic benefits for the community.

“The expansion of the Auas-Gerus Transmission line brings technological advancements that benefit all citizens. Increased access to data services, facilitated by NamPower’s fiber-optic network, will empower our Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector and foster regional connectivity, driving innovation and economic growth,” he explained.

The construction of the transmission line is part of NamPower’s broader investment in expanding its transmission system, which encompasses a network ranging from 66kV to 400kV overhead lines.

With an additional 287 kilometers added to the existing network of 11,700 kilometers, the transmission line stands as a testament to Namibia’s commitment to bolstering its energy infrastructure.

The Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo, during a tour with other officials at the Aus substation last week on Friday. (Photograph by Musa Carter).


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