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City of Windhoek calls for photography submissions in collaboration with Mannheim, Germany

City of Windhoek calls for photography submissions in collaboration with Mannheim, Germany

Local professional artists and photographers have been invited to participate in an open call for photography by the City of Windhoek.

This initiative, part of the sister cities cooperation activities between Windhoek and Mannheim in Germany, aims to foster cultural relations through artistic expression.

According to the City, professional artists and photographers of all ages, creative genres, and artistic backgrounds, born or currently residing in Namibia, are encouraged to submit artistic content focusing on historical or contemporary political and social issues related to Namibia.

The project, endorsed by the Mayors of both cities in 2023, seeks to provide a platform for local talent to showcase their work on an international stage.

The submitted works, particularly photographic art, will be showcased at a solo exhibition at Gallery ZEPHYR-Raum für Fotografie from September 2025 to February 2026 in Mannheim, Germany. Additionally, the winner of the competition will receive a prize money of £1,000. Interested participants can obtain the relevant documents and application form from the City Tourism Office or through the provided link.

The City clarified that the winner will be responsible for any applicable taxes on the prize money. The deadline for submissions is 31 June, and for further information, applicants can contact 290 2093 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

This initiative not only provides a platform for local artists to gain exposure but also strengthens the cultural ties between Windhoek and Mannheim, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration in the arts.


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