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Namport reaches 8 million tonnes cargo record

Namport reaches 8 million tonnes cargo record

Preliminary figures for the financial year ended 31 March 2024 show that the Namibian Ports Authority has just set a new record by handling 8 million tonnes of cargo for the full financial year. This constitutes a 4% increase over the 7.7 million tonnes of the previous year.

Announcing the sterling performance, the authority said in a statement the major cargo contribution comes from the exportation of goods comprising salt, copper concentrate, bagged salt, frozen fish, manganese ore, and zinc/lead concentrate.

Specifically, bulk salt saw a growth of 10%, copper concentrate 12%, bagged salt 1%, frozen fish 29%, manganese ore 15.7%, zinc/lead concentrates 2.9% and marble 41%.

On the importation side various commodities posted significant increases, with petroleum imports, for instance, surging by 26%. Other imported commodities also experienced noteworthy growth, such as copper concentrate, ammonium nitrate, wheat, ship spares, and steel.

Overall, imports were up nearly 8% compared to the previous year.

The number of vessels calling at Namibian ports also increased significantly, rising by 29%. In the 22/23 financial year, 1636 ships visited Namibia, increasing to 2115 during the 23/24 financial year.

Vessel categories include foreign tugs, dry bulk vessels, containerized vessels, foreign fishing vessels, petroleum tankers, fishing vessels, as well as research, and general purpose vessels.

The Executive for Commercial Services, Elias Mwenyo said “the success of Namport’s operations can be attributed to building and maintaining solid relationships with key stakeholders such as the Walvis Bay Corridor Group, shipping lines, cargo owners, government agencies, and the larger port community.”


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