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Diamond industry empowers local participation and ownership

Diamond industry empowers local participation and ownership

The diamond sector Tuesday enhanced local participation and ownership in the industry by hosting the inaugural graduation of the Diamantaire Enterprise Development Programme (EDP).

The EDP, launched in November 2023, empowers Namibians and ensures that the benefits of the country’s diamond resources directly benefit its people by fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among Namibians.

Speaking at the occasion of the strategic brief and EDP graduation, Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) Board Chairperson, Estelle Tjipuka said by providing intensive training and equipping participants with the necessary skills, the programme creates a new generation of business leaders who drive innovation and transformation within the industry.

“With the EDP programme, NDTC is teaching you how to crawl in this industry, but you need to take ownership and learn how to walk in this industry and eventually how to run the race, with all the others, in this competitive and challenging industry,” she said.

Congratulating the graduates of Dash Diamonds and Tate Diamonds, the two EDP beneficiaries, Tjipuka said their respective journeys, through the Razcorp Business and Leadership Development programme have equipped them with the necessary tools, skills, and insights, to thrive in and transform the diamond industry.

“You are not just business leaders; you are pioneers of a new era for Namibia,” she added.

Meanwhile, according to Tjipuka, the initiative aligns with Namibia’s 5th National Development Plan, which prioritizes economic progression through inclusive growth and the development of local entrepreneurship.

By promoting Namibian participation and ownership in the diamond sector, the country creates sustainable jobs, enhances economic capacity, and builds a resilient local economy, she added.

“We would like to encourage Namibian diamond entrepreneurs to showcase their jewellery at the Las Vegas Diamond Show and the Hong Kong Diamond Show,” she said.

She urged everyone to consider the broader impact of the graduates’ success and emphasized that each of them represents a critical link in a growing chain. This chain will extend the benefits of the diamond industry, from extraction to high-value processing, all within Namibia’s borders.

The NDTC is a 50/50 joint venture between Namibia and the sorting arm of De Beers, DTC. It exists to recognize and formalize the efforts of Namibia and De Beers to develop a sustainable local downstream diamond industry in Namibia.


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