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Decentralisation built on quality services for all citizens

Decentralisation built on quality services for all citizens

By Adolf Kaure.

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Hon Erastus Uutoni said that the focal point of decentralisation is the provision of services to all the country’s citizens, when he opened the decentralisation forum on Tuesday in Swakopmund. The forum was attended by approximately 200 civil servants from all regions.

Under the theme: “Towards the full implementation of the Decentralisation Policy in Namibia”, its main objective is as a consultative platform for stakeholders on decentralisation to promote a shared understanding, and a common vision and approach on matters affecting and relating to policy implementation.

“As we continue to strive to the full implementation of the Decentralisation Policy, let us envision a future where every Namibian, regardless of their background or geographic location, has equal and easy access to opportunities, adequate and quality public services.” “Let us therefore use this platform to reaffirm our commitment and bolster our efforts to the full implementation of this noble policy,” he said.

The Minster further stated that challenges need to be addressed so that the Decentralisation Policy can be fully implemented. “The challenges may range from capacity constraints at sub-national level to financial resources limitations.”

“Yes, the path to full decentralisation may have challenges. We believe that within and beyond those challenges lie boundless opportunities for innovation, cooperation, and progressive change.”

“It is only through our collective efforts and shared vision as stakeholders that we can overcome these obstacles and realize the full benefits of decentralisation in our country,” said Uutoni.

He called on all the stakeholders to deliberate jointly to find solutions for the challenges in decentralisation. “I believe that the realization of our decentralisation dreams is largely determined by our willingness to make a success.” “I encourage you all to hold hands and confront common challenges that lie ahead as a collective with steadfastness.”

“I would also like to call upon regional councils’ leadership, both technical and political, to lead their institutions and manage decentralised responsibilities with diligence and by applying principles of good governance, namely professionalism, accountability, and transparency, at all times.” “This is important to inspire trust and confidence in the subnational government system.”

Namibia’s Decentralisation Policy embodies government’s commitment to democratic governance and inclusive development.

Enshrined in the Constitution and bolstered by a robust legislative framework, the policy envisions a government system where the voices of those at the grassroots level are amplified and the needs of the most marginalized are prioritized.

The three-day forum concludes on Thursday.

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development Hon Erastus Uutoni seeks more synergy from Government officials to get services closer to the people. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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