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Community of Groot Aub receives support from Home of Good Hope

Community of Groot Aub receives support from Home of Good Hope

The residents of Groot Aub recently received a generous donation of nearly 400 parcels of clothing and nappies, along with sanitation products for the Groot Aub clinic, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Regional Councillor, Piet Petrus Adams, and Monica Imanga, Executive Director of Home of Good Hope.

Adams, expressing his gratitude for the privilege of serving as Councilor, highlighted the increasing needs of the Groot Aub community, particularly among parents who struggle to provide for their children. Recognizing the necessity for support from developmental partners, Adams emphasized the importance of community collaboration in addressing these needs.

Introducing Imanga, Adams underscored the three-year partnership between the Council and Home of Good Hope, emphasizing Imanga’s vision of establishing a center in Groot Aub to serve children and the elderly. He emphasized that Home of Good Hope’s efforts are not personal but community-driven, urging all community members to contribute to the success of these initiatives.

Adams also shared exciting news about Home of Good Hope’s Food Sustainability Programme, highlighting the establishment of a vegetable and fruit garden in Groot Aub. With the planting of mango, paw paw, orange, and naartjie trees, as well as various vegetables, the program reflects a commitment to long-term food security and community empowerment.


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