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Erongo Council Chair on importance of development mandate

Erongo Council Chair on importance of development mandate

By Adolf Kaure.

At the recent monthly meeting of the Erongo Regional Council, the Chair, Hon Benitha Imbamba said their mandate to plan and develop the region in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the people, is key.

This comes after the 2023 Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) Housing and Population Census reported that the Erongo Region’s population has grown from 150,809 people in 2011 to 240,206 last year.

“These are statistical data that we will soon be interrogating, particularly what this means for Erongo Region. The census report comes at the right time, and it is my hope that we will be able to drive regional development through coordination, service delivery and accessibility of services, based on [the] data,” she said.

With the Census further reporting that the total Namibian population increased from 2.3 million in 2011 to just over 3 million people last year, the Erongo Region’s population makes up 8% of this total.

“Noting my earlier review of the census report, we need to constantly revisit our plans, and to assess where we are in terms of our strategic goals and our ultimate aim of being the Centre of Excellence,” said Imbamba.

Imbamba emphasised how the Council’s senior management team with the support of the entire council workforce, continues to deliver the aspiration of Council Strategic and Annual Plans, stating that the guidance from politicians is important in ensuring efficiency in the region.

“Their dedication and commitment to drive this Council to the highest level of performance cannot be overemphasised.”

“Our technocrats cannot function effectively without the guidance and support that we are mandated to render as the regional political arm in the region.”

“It is my firm belief that, as politicians, we will do all that we can to continue providing this guidance and more so, avoiding interference in the adjudication of administrative functions of the Council, under the leadership of the Chief Regional Officer.”

“Our oversight functions are clear and therefore what we should all forge forward with unity of purpose and creating a harmonious relationship with the administration,” she said.


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