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NamRA introduces EUR.1 Movement Certificate for exporters

NamRA introduces EUR.1 Movement Certificate for exporters

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) this week announced a significant development for exporters and manufacturers operating within various trade agreements, effective 1 April.

NamRA will commence the issuance of the EUR.1 Movement Certificate to streamline and expedite exports.

The EUR.1 Certificate serves as a crucial document verifying the origin of goods destined for the European Union (EU) territory. This certification enables traders to import goods from specific countries at reduced rates or duty-free.

This initiative aims to ensure that exported goods are eligible for the EUR.1 Movement Certificate adheres to the origin criteria outlined in Article 15 (SACU/EFTA) and Article 20 (EU-SADC-EPA/SACUM-UK-EPA) of the Protocols on Rules of Origin.

In light of this development, NamRA urges all prospective exporters to promptly register with the agency for the issuance of the EUR.1 Movement Certificate. This registration process is vital to facilitate seamless export operations and ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

By implementing the EUR.1 Movement Certificate, NamRA seeks to enhance trade facilitation, promote economic growth, and strengthen Namibia’s position within global markets.


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