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Keeping your financial compass true

Keeping your financial compass true

By Adéle Prinsloo
Old Mutual Central Regional Manager.

Life is a journey filled with unexpected turns. While we plan for the future, significant changes in our circumstances can occur – marriage, children, career advancements, or even health concerns. These milestones can leave our long-term insurance plans misaligned with our current needs.

This is why we need to emphasise the importance of regularly reviewing your insurance portfolio to ensure it remains a robust safety net, safeguarding your financial well-being throughout life’s ever-evolving landscape.

The first step towards maximizing the value of your long-term insurance is a thorough understanding of your existing coverage. Take time to meticulously review your policies, demystifying the benefits offered and any limitations present. Consider this a critical step in building a strong financial foundation. A comprehensive grasp of your coverage empowers you to make informed decisions and fosters a sense of security.

Our priorities and financial needs naturally evolve throughout life. What was deemed essential five years ago may no longer hold the same weight today. Perhaps you’ve started a family, embarked on a new career path, or experienced a shift in health. These significant milestones necessitate a re-evaluation of your insurance portfolio. Regularly reviewing your coverage ensures it remains relevant and adaptable, offering comprehensive protection as your life unfolds.

Similar to investment strategies, diversifying your insurance portfolio can be a prudent approach. Explore options beyond traditional life insurance, considering disability coverage or critical illness protection. Building a well-rounded safety net with various policies mitigates risk and guarantees comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific requirements.

Certain insurance plans accumulate monetary value over time. Understanding how to access and utilise this cash value unlocks a wealth of financial opportunities. This flexibility empowers you to supplement your income, address unforeseen expenses, or even enhance your overall investment portfolio.

The financial landscape is constantly in flux, and the insurance industry is no exception. Legislative changes, economic fluctuations, and advancements in insurance products can all impact the performance and value of your policies. Staying abreast of industry trends and maintaining a dialogue with a qualified financial adviser empowers you to navigate these changes and maximize the value of your insurance portfolio.

Consider your financial adviser a valuable asset in managing your long-term insurance needs. They serve as your insurance guru, readily available to answer your questions, assist with claims, and guide you toward the most suitable options for your evolving financial situation. Cultivating a strong relationship with your adviser is paramount in maximizing your financial security and achieving your long-term goals.

By proactively reviewing your insurance portfolio and adapting it to life’s changes, you ensure it remains a reliable companion, safeguarding your financial well-being and the well-being of your loved ones throughout life’s journey.


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