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Surge in rhino poaching incidents continues – 28 rhinos poached to date

Surge in rhino poaching incidents continues –  28 rhinos poached to date

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism has reported a distressing surge in rhino poaching incidents, with 28 rhinos poached in the country so far this year.

Of particular concern is the discovery of 19 poached rhinos within the iconic Etosha National Park, 10 found during dehorning operations throughout March. Ministerial spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda said in a statement.

Muyunda said the recent spate of poaching threatens not only the rhino population but also the integrity of this vital tourism attraction.

In response to the escalating crisis, the Muyunda said the ministry initiated an urgent assessment in Etosha to ascertain the full extent of the problem. Additionally, a high-level meeting with security clusters has been convened to address the matter comprehensively.

Furthermore, Muyunda said recent reports confirm the poaching of four white rhinos on a private farm in the Otjozodjupa region, bringing the total number of rhinos poached on private farms to five for the year. Additionally, three rhinos were poached in rhino custodianship farms, and one in the Kunene region, bringing the overall tally to 28 for the year, comprising 19 black and 9 white rhinos.

Amid this crisis, the Ministry has issued a call to action, urging stakeholders and the public to join forces in the fight against poaching. Emphasizing the commitment to protect Namibia’s wildlife for current and future generations, the Ministry vows to intensify interventions and refine strategies moving forward.

“We shall endeavour, to strengthen our interventions and sharpen our strategies moving forward. This discovery, calls for collective action by all of us. We condemn the actions of those involved and urge anyone with any information that may assist us in apprehending the suspects to come forth. No arrests have been made in the recent cases so far, cases were opened and investigations continue,” he said.


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