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Bank Windhoek supports sustainable feeding schemes to nourish school children

Bank Windhoek supports sustainable feeding schemes to nourish school children

Bank Windhoek has taken a significant step towards supporting sustainable feeding schemes aimed at keeping children in school while ensuring they receive proper nourishment.

A donation totaling N$252,000 was made to Imago Dei Welfare and Poverty Relief, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to community welfare and development.

Since August 2023, Imago Dei has been instrumental in facilitating feeding programs and soup kitchens, benefiting over 1700 children across five regions. The feeding scheme, implemented successfully through schools, relied on the dedication of volunteers, learners, and teachers who contributed to meal preparation and service.

Operating in the Khomas, Erongo, Hardap, Otjozondjupa, and Omaheke regions, Imago Dei focused on providing nutritious meals to children living in impoverished circumstances. Over six months, the team procured necessary food supplies and dedicated time to preparing and serving meals, ensuring that children received sustenance within proximity to their primary schools. Depending on available resources like soup kitchens or school gardens, children receive up to five meals weekly.

Bronwyn Moody, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sponsorships at Bank Windhoek, expressed delight in supporting the feeding scheme. “Bank Windhoek recognizes the profound impact of malnutrition on children’s development and well-being. We are committed to fostering sustainable futures within our communities through partnerships that support initiatives like these,” she affirmed.

Moody extended gratitude to Imago Dei for effectively facilitating the feeding scheme and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in community empowerment.

Millinda Coffee, Imago Dei Project Coordinator, underscored the significance of feeding programs for children in impoverished households. “We are immensely grateful for the assistance provided in implementing feeding schemes for learners. These programs are warmly received by the communities we serve, and every contribution is crucial in ensuring schools can continue providing nutritious meals to children,” Coffee remarked.

Bank Windhoek’s support underscores the importance of collective action in addressing socio-economic challenges and nurturing the well-being of future generations. Through such initiatives, communities are empowered to thrive, laying the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.


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