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City of Windhoek says permits required to broadcast sound

City of Windhoek says permits required to broadcast sound

by Michel Haoses.

Any person wishing to broadcast sound is now required to acquire broadcasting permits, the City of Windhoek announced this week.

According to the Windhoek Municipal Council’s Noise Control Regulation No. 3612 of 2006 and Sound Emission Policy (3/1/P), any person or organisation wishing to broadcast speech, music, messages, or any other sound on or from a street public space, building, or erf must find obtain permission from the Windhoek City council

The municipal authority said one should apply for a broadcasting permit two weeks before the event, including a site plan for the broadcast location at a minimum scale of 1:500 while providing proof of advertising to the public.

Attach a sound management plan detailing how sound levels will be controlled and obtain and submit a neighbours consent form if the event is in a residential area.

In addition, for mobile broadcasting instead of a site and sound management plan, provide a detailed description route. Upon approval pay the permit fee of N$191.15 at any municipal cash hall or through EFT.

Finally, hand deliver applications to the Municipal Council of Windhoek Customer Care Centre, Head Office or send them via email to Mr Alfred Mundia at [email protected].

For any queries please contact Mr Mekondjo Shanyengange at Tel 061 290 3529 or via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, contact the Health and Environment Division at the enquiry desk at Tel 061 290 9594


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