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Agra Agricultural Academy celebrates record graduation ceremony

Agra Agricultural Academy celebrates record graduation ceremony

By Michel Haoses.

Agra Agricultural Academy last week held its fourth graduation ceremony at the Agra Bank Windhoek Ring.

The candidates received national certificates and diplomas in the fields of agricultural sales and services, animal production, and plant production.

This graduation was in particular groundbreaking as for the first time 34 candidates graduated and 25 of them were Agra employees. This is the first time since the Academy opened in 2021 that such a large group graduated.

Theo Ickua, Manager at Agra Pro Vision in his address to the graduates stressed the significance of this achievement as this growth in graduating students only indicates how far the Academy has come.

Gracing the graduation were the Chief Executive of Agra Arnold Klein who expressed admiration toward the employees who successfully graduated and the Managing Director for the International Academy for Africa Johann Stassen who was responsible for capping the students graduating students. The friends and family and EXCO members from Agra were also in attendance celebrating the success of graduates.

This year’s graduation was not just a milestone but also proof of the Academy’s success and its role in the fostering of the next agricultural professionals.


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