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NamRA issues update on the progress and challenges in mass tax refunds

NamRA issues update on the progress and challenges in mass tax refunds

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) has issued an update on the Mass Tax Refund exercise initiated in December 2023, highlighting both successes and challenges encountered thus far.

NamRA spokesperson, Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze in a statement said out of 78,441 tax returns processed, 46,941 refunds totaling N$100.9 million were successfully disbursed to 46,772 individual salaried persons and pensioners. This represents a significant financial relief provided to eligible taxpayers.

However, Ndorokaze said it was noted that 31,500 refunds, amounting to N$56.9 million, were rejected for various reasons. These rejections were due to outstanding returns, unpaid liabilities, and lack of bank account information, among other factors.

NamRA acknowledges the cooperation received from taxpayers during this process and reiterates its commitment to minimizing delays in refund processing, he said.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are urged to address identified issues promptly to prevent future refund rejections and ensure the timely release of their refunds.


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