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Recognizing my nine years in IT

After nine years of successful operations and achieving her dream, Regina Shikongo, the CEO of ClockNet Technology Centre CC, says that she is proud of where she has brought herself and her business.
The only shortcoming for her has been that the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has not recognized her efforts, “I have tried several times to get them to recognise my business and acknowledge what I do, but my efforts have been futile so far. Even though my business meets all their required standards, the ministry has never considered using my services, nonetheless I am hopeful and will not give up. I will also continue to do what I do best and run ClockNet to the very best of my abilities,” she stated.
Regina started the business with four partners, who have since ventured into other enterprises, making her the sole runner since 2008.
This also made her the first woman to own a business in this industry. The business offers a wide range of computer services, from training to sales and repairs. “We are proud of our standards, and we make sure that we offer quality services. I am just trying to make a name for myself in the industry and in the country. I want to prove myself to Namibia at large, I may be a woman but look at what I have achieved,” she said proudly.

A general concern she wants to bring to the attention of other people, is “I would like the government, when it comes to development projects, to consider local businesses instead of first approaching foreign companies.
We desire a chance to prove ourselves, if we fail you then approach foreign companies, but give us a chance first. Local businesses like mine, we would like to offer more to the communities we serve and give them the very best that we are capable of.”
In the past Regina was nominated by the American Embassy to represent the country in a New Beginning Entrepreneurship and business innovation programme, through which she met individuals from thirty other countries. “It was an experience of a lifetime.
We were able to exchange ideas and experiences, which really helped me quite tremendously.” She was a 2009 nominee for the Namibian Businesswoman of the Year award and ClockNet also made it to the fourth round of the Southern Africa Small Micro, and Medium Enterprises nominations, which Regina considers a big achievement.
“It shows that we are gaining ground even beyond our own borders, which means a lot to us,” she said smiling.
“There have been challenges from the onset. I had no business skills or knowledge of how to operate. Other challenges came from finance, banking, even sometimes clients, but over the years I have become tougher. I learned business management skills, administration skills and to maintain momentum through the good and bad days. Business is always business,” she explained. She added that she plans to get partners again and approach local companies for support to further improve her business quality and services.
“Staying innovative because the future is in our hands, I think is one aspect the youth must never underestimate,” she encouraged.

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