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Old Mutual Wealth backs Equestrian growth locally

Old Mutual Wealth backs Equestrian growth locally

Old Mutual Wealth recently announced its sponsorship of the Old Mutual Wealth Equestrian Development Series, signaling a strong commitment to brand innovation and community involvement.

The series which began last week, is the first of three events planned for the year, drawing in 120 riders so far.

Wikus Fourie, Chief Executive of Old Mutual Wealth, expressed enthusiasm for the sponsorship, stating, “Our support of the Old Mutual Wealth Equestrian Development Series reflects our dedication to innovative branding and community engagement. We see clear parallels between equestrian sports and wealth management—precision, trust, discipline, adaptability, and excellence. This sponsorship celebrates shared values and our commitment to setting new standards.”

Alida Reimer Cline, a committee member of Auas View Equestrian Club (AVEC), emphasized the significance of the sponsorship for equestrian sport development in Namibia. “Our goal is to foster grassroots talent development. We’re grateful for Old Mutual’s support, which allows us to host high-quality training events. AVEC is now set to host three more events, building towards an overall Development League Champion,” said Reimer Cline.

“We’ve seen a 72% increase in dressage entries, with 120 entries for the first leg. This sponsorship is a great incentive for young athletes, and we’re optimistic about the upcoming events,” Reimer Cline added.

The sport promotes mutual understanding and ethical conduct, noted Reimer Cline. “We aim to introduce young people to the sport’s values and shape their character positively, making Namibia better one stride at a time.”

Old Mutual Wealth’s sponsorship not only aids the sport’s growth but also strengthens community ties. The partnership offers opportunities to boost brand visibility and reaffirm the company’s commitment to excellence in wealth management.


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