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Capricorn Group partners with leading organisations for national pre-budget discussion

Capricorn Group partners with leading organisations for national pre-budget discussion

In anticipation of Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi’s upcoming presentation of the national budget, the Capricorn Group joined forces with the Economic Association of Namibia, GIZ, and the High Economic Intelligence (HEI) for a pre-budget public discussion.

Under the theme “The National Budget in an Election Year: Fiscal Expansion and Strategic Priorities,” the discussion delved into the economic implications of expected fiscal policies and spending allocations.

With the looming national budget announcement set for 28 February, the timing of this discussion couldn’t be more pertinent.

Capricorn Group’s Chief Executive-Designate, David Nuyoma, expressed appreciation for the collaboration with the Economic Association of Namibia and the High Economic Intelligence, emphasizing their vital roles as catalysts for socio-economic dialogue in the country.

Leading experts in economics and finance shared insights during the discussion. Salomo Hei, Managing Director of the High Economic Intelligence, provided a comprehensive economic outlook, shedding light on global and regional trends.

Floris Bergh, Chief Economist at Capricorn Asset Management, offered recommendations on fiscal management, including proposals to cap the public sector wage bill to reallocate funds towards social welfare spending.

Tax expert Cameron Kotze weighed in on the efficiency of the tax system, particularly focusing on the processing of VAT refunds, while Ruusa Nandago, FirstRand Namibia Group Economist, addressed structural challenges related to unemployment, especially among the youth.

Professor Teresia Kaulihowa from the Namibia University of Science and Technology moderated the panel discussion.

As the nation braces for significant fiscal decisions in the upcoming budget, this pre-budget discussion served as a crucial platform for informed dialogue and collective engagement toward shaping Namibia’s economic future.

Tax expert Cameron Kotze, Group Economist at FirstRand Namibia Ruusa Nandago, Chief Economist at Capricorn Asset Management Floris Bergh, Associate Dean at NUST Professor Teresia Kaulihowa, Capricorn Group CEO-Designate David Nuyoma and High Economic Intelligence MD Salomo Hei during the national pre-budget public discussion event.


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