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Standards Institution embarks on nationwide tour to advance national standardization strategy

Standards Institution embarks on nationwide tour to advance national standardization strategy

The Namibia Standards Institution (NSI) has unveiled plans to extend its outreach efforts to four additional regions next month as part of its ongoing initiative to craft the National Standardization Strategy (NSS) Document.

Scheduled for 12 March in Gobabis and Ruacana, 13 March in Oshakati, and 14 March in Katima Mulilo, these visits aim to gather, assess, and analyze socio-economic development plans and stakeholder input crucial for shaping the NSS.

Having already engaged with stakeholders in seven regions through the National Standardization Strategy Task Force (NSS TF), established to spearhead the creation of the national document, the NSI now invites active participation from both public and private sectors in the remaining four regions to finalize consultations.

Emphasizing the collective effort needed to enhance quality, innovation, and socio-economic resilience, the NSI urges stakeholders to contribute to the NSS development process.

“We are committed to facilitating the implementation of the National Quality Policy (NQP) to bolster the national quality infrastructure, crucial for socio-economic advancement,” stated NSI officials.

The NSS TF, comprised of diverse public and private stakeholders, is tasked with charting plans and gathering stakeholder input through extensive regional consultations to inform the National Standards Plan (NSP).

Funded by the NSI, the United Nations Development Programme, and the European Union Partnership Agreement, the NSS initiative also includes an ongoing online survey accessible via the link

This comprehensive approach underscores the collaborative endeavor to shape Namibia’s standardization landscape and pave the way for a prosperous future.


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