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Logistics Centre appoints new Academic Director

Logistics Centre appoints new Academic Director

In an effort to maintain an all-in-one excellence combining education, research and consulting in logistics, the Namibian German Centre for Logistics (NGCL) recently appointed a new Academic Director, Dr. Kenneth Odero.
According to NGCL, Dr. Odero has an impressive substantial track record of innovative and influential work and publications. Dr. Odero is set to enhance the Centre’s capabilities to drive collaborative research oriented towards creating new knowledge and tools of long-term interest to the transport and logistics community in particular and to Namibia in general.
In his previous jobs, Dr. Odero worked as the Institutional Advisor to the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan for Windhoek (including Okahandja. Rehoboth and Hosea Kutako International Airport). He also worked closely with diverse stakeholders in Namibia’s transport sector – public, private, academia as well as civil society.
According to NGCL, his international experience is a real asset as an Academic Director and will mean students can learn from his research and previous work, adding real value to the field of logistics in Namibia. Dr. Odero will initiate and conduct high-impact, demand-driven and innovative research through active collaboration with the transport and logistics industry community that will see NGCL provide support to logisticians countrywide.
“It is my hope and mission to build a sustainable community of practice, where members network, exchange ideas and continually learn and improve their professional skills in research, teaching and business outreach programmes when relevant to transport and logistics,” said Dr. Odero.
Logan Fransman, Director of the Centre added; “We are very fortunate to be able to welcome Dr. Odero as the new Academic Director. He brings a wealth of knowledge which will raise NGCL’s game when it comes to research and teaching logistics at NUST. This will benefit students, academics and the logistics sector greatly in the coming years.”

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