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Beatus Amadhila appointed PowerCom CEO

Beatus Amadhila appointed PowerCom CEO

PowerCom, a subsidiary of Telecom Namibia has appointed Beatus Amadhila as its new CEO, effective 01 June 2021.

Amadhila, who takes over from Alisa Amupolo, previously served as Chief Financial Officer at New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC) from 1 May 2015 to 31 March 2020.

He was also the Head of Finance and Administration at the Namibia Training Authority (Rundu VTC) and has served on various committees such as the NEPC Risk and Audit committee, National Development Plan (NDP4 and NDP5) ICT committee, and was the Former Chairperson: NEPC Procurement Committee and served as the interim Director of Finance and Administration at NIPAM.

Amadhila’s vision is to see PowerCom transform into a world class-tech enabler and leading ICT infrastructure and equipment provider of choice in the country.

“My key objectives at the end of my tenure are to look back and confidently say that I and the team have indeed delivered on the mandate, but most importantly, I would like to leave behind a Company that have made and shall continue to make a positive impact to the masses of people. A sustainable company that will continue to earn positive returns on investment for its shareholder,” Amadhila said.

Further, during his tenure, Amadhila plans to address the current visible divide by engaging into smart partnerships with key stakeholders.

“We should be intentional about alleviating the gap to ensure that no one including the rural areas is left behind. The Covid 19 lessons should not go to waste and we should not relax after the pandemic is gone. If anything, I have learned from the pandemic is that technology is the most powerful tool nowadays and it is also the most powerful weapon we have when it comes to fighting economic inequality, promoting social progressions such as health and education and so forth. To realise the goals require a collective collaboration among so many stakeholders and it is one of my goals to ensure that a blueprint is in place first and foremost and all systems are set to ensure smooth implementation,” he said.

Amadhila holds a Master of Commerce in Development Finance from the University of Cape Town, Master’s in Business Administration in Finance, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (UNAM) and a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from UNAM. He believes that transformation is a necessary catalyst of growth and teamwork is vital in increasing efficiency.

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