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Burial costs of juveniles under 7 now covered for Sanlam policyholders

Burial costs of juveniles under 7 now covered for Sanlam policyholders

Anticipating the additional strain of juvenile mortality on household that are already burdened, Sanlam announced this week that it will cover the funeral costs for children age 0 to six (under seven) with zero cost to the family of policyholders.

“This initiative is aligned with Sanlam’s steadfast commitment to helping clients and families achieve enduring financial confidence,” the longterm insurer said in a statement announcing the concession.

General Manager of Entry Level Market at Sanlam, Irvin Möller, commented “At Sanlam, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in their financial journey, ensuring a secure future for generations to come. With this new offering, parents can live with confidence, knowing that their little ones are covered at no cost, helping build a legacy of financial security.”

“In a compassionate effort to support families during challenging times, Sanlam is extending this added value to help ease the financial burden associated with unexpected circumstances. This ground-breaking initiative reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive and empathetic services to our community.”

In addition to covering immediate family, parents can extend the protection to children of the extended family at an affordable rate.

“In the face of economic challenges, planning for unforeseen events becomes paramount. Sanlam’s new offering not only addresses the immediate needs of families but also aligns with our broader mission of empowering individuals to navigate economic uncertainties with resilience and foresight,” concluded Möller.


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