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Fuel theft of over N$1 million uncovered at Walvis Bay’s national oil storage facility

Fuel theft of over N$1 million uncovered at Walvis Bay’s national oil storage facility

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR) on Wednesday announced a staggering discovery of potential fuel theft, amounting to an estimated value exceeding N$1 million, which was in transit to the National Oil Storage Facility (NOSF) in Walvis Bay.

The alarming revelation comes following the loading of 39,993 litres of diesel ADO 50 ppm in December 2023 and an additional 39,891 litres of the same product in January 2024.

Despite official loading documents indicating delivery to a customer site, there is no trace of the product having reached its intended destination or been received by the designated bulk fuel customer.

According to a statement from NAMCOR, the corporation swiftly initiated an extensive internal investigation, uncovering concerning indications of fuel theft. Last week, the corporation took decisive action by filing a case of theft with the Walvis Bay Police and is currently collaborating closely with regional law enforcement authorities to expedite the resolution of this grave matter.

Of significant interest is the timing surrounding the resignation of the truck driver responsible for transporting the two loads. The driver, employed by a company contracted by NAMCOR for fuel transportation, tendered his resignation on Thursday, 8 February, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Interim Managing Director of NAMCOR, Ebson Uanguta, asserted the company’s unwavering commitment to addressing this reprehensible conduct.

“We are dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that those responsible for this act face the full consequences of their actions,” said Uanguta.

He emphasized NAMCOR’s obligation to operate with the utmost integrity, assuring clients, stakeholders, and the public of the corporation’s steadfast dedication to service excellence.

In a firm stance on transparency and accountability, NAMCOR pledges to provide updates to stakeholders at appropriate junctures, without compromising ongoing investigations or disclosing sensitive information. The corporation remains resolute in its pursuit of justice and the protection of its assets, maintaining its focus on delivering reliable and secure energy solutions to the nation.


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