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Want to succeed, use a Business Coach

The international statistics for small enterprises are scary, showing that only 70% of businesses are still afloat after the first two years and by the five year mark, only half of them survive. The element that makes the difference between a successful business and a struggling one, is the benefit of having had business coaching sessions. In Namibia, statistics for the survival rate of small and medium sized businesses are not easy to get and the business coaching concept is still relatively new.
“Many people are not quite sure at first what business coaching is,” explained local business coach Francois Smith of ActionCOACH, a company specialising in providing business coaching services. “Once they realise just how many ways business coaching can help, they often wonder why they didn’t team up with one much sooner.”

Working with the right business coach can put a business on a path that it might never otherwise have taken. Increasingly, people are learning that a business coach is an important asset for any type of small- to medium-sized business. Consider just some of the benefits to getting small business coaching sessions: Business coaching can bring out the best in you and your employees. Just like a coach out on the soccer field, they know how to recognise your strengths and how to get you to use those skills to your advantage.
Sometimes it is hard for people to see issues objectively when it is their own venture. Business coaching can help you see things more clearly, provide impartial guidance, and help you place your focus where it will be most effective.
The job of a business coach is to help you succeed. They do this by providing motivation and direction, and by helping you to set and reach your goals. Many people realise the importance of setting goals, but do not end up following through with the process. A business coach will help them see it through.
When you persevere as a result of receiving business coaching, you will not only become more confident in your abilities and strengthen your company, but you will also see an increase in profits.  A business coach has the education, experience and know-how to take your business to the next level. They can help you keep your business moving in the right direction and help you with its growth.
“Think about just how important a coach is in sports,” added Smith. “When it comes to having a business coach, it’s the same level of importance. The main mission of a business goal is to help you succeed.”
Each year, thousands of business owners and managers take the route of hiring a business coach. “Namibian business now have the benefit of consulting with local ActionCoach business coaches who can guide small and medium businesses to the success and profitability they deserve and are capable of achieving,” said Smith. Already engaged by a few Windhoek businesses, Smith has witnessed a change in the energy of business owners which has led to a renewed focus, change in business practice and many have already started seeing a return on investment. “This kind of result is what we like to see – local businesses having the benefit of business coaching that helps business moving in the right direction,” he said.

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