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New principal Przybilla heads German private school in Windhoek

New principal Przybilla heads German private school in Windhoek

Following the retirement of the highly respected principal of the Deutsche Hoehere Privatschule in Windhoek, Kristin Eichholz, the new incumbent has huge shoes to fill. This requirement materialised with the arrival of the new principal, Mr Jörg Przybilla.

Mr Przybilla started as DHPS principal this past Monday, 29 January.

He was a member of the school management team at a vocational school in Freiburg, Germany until his appointment at DHPS.

Earlier in his career, he taught at the German School in Pretoria for eight years giving him valuable experience in the workings of German schools in southern Africa.

His preparation for the DHPS appointment is based on specific training and school projects.

In his first official appearance as new head, he addressed the opening assembly for grades 5–12 where he extended a warm welcome to both learners and staff for the new school year, emphasising that he would probably “learn more from the learners at the moment than they would learn from him.”

“With their new principal on board, the school community is grateful that the school is now complete and wishes him a successful start at DHPS and in Namibia,” DHPS said in a statement announcing Mr Przybilla’s arrival.


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