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GIPF urges beneficiaries to verify registration status and update their membership information

GIPF urges beneficiaries to verify registration status and update their membership information

All members of the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) are requested to verify their registration status and update their membership information.

The verification process ensures that their member information and that of their beneficiaries is up to date. The Fund said accurate member information and up to date Beneficiary Nomination Forms will assist them to process and pay benefits that are due to members and beneficiaries timeously.

Anna Hambuda, Manager of Operations at the Fund said the COVID-19 pandemic has once again showed us and the world at large that nothing is ever constant and that change is inevitable and that we all need to embrace that change in order to secure our future.

“The best way to prepare for change is to effectively plan for the future, therefore, it is on this premise that the we appeal to all members to complete or update their Beneficiary Nomination Forms on an annual basis, and this forms are found at a member’s HR office or at the nearest GIPF office, which should should be placed in the member’s file at the members HR office once completed,” added Hambuda.

She also urged members to ensure that all their national documents and those of their beneficiaries, such as full birth certificates, identity cards and marriage certificates are accurate.

“We want to assist you efficiently and will continue to guard your investments to ensure a better tomorrow for you and your beneficiaries,” she concluded.


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