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Namibia ranks 5th worldwide in FDI momentum

Namibia ranks 5th worldwide in FDI momentum

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

Namibia emerged as a global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) pivot, securing the 5th position in the fDi Intelligence’s Annual FDI Standouts Watchlist.

FDI is a critical economic indicator measuring international investment inflow. For Namibia, ranking 5th implies a surge in global trust and capital flowing into the nation’s economic landscape.

This also means an increase in economic growth and improving livelihoods by offering new opportunities and prosperity.

Investors worldwide closely monitor FDI standouts like Namibia because it signifies potential returns on investment, said fDi Intelligence. “As Namibia secures its spot, it becomes a beacon for global investors seeking stable and growth-oriented markets.”


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Freeman Ya Ngulu

Freeman Ngulu is an investigtor, an author and a keen entrepreneur. His speciality is data journalism for which he loves to dig deep into topics often ignored by mainstream reporting. He tweets @hobameteorite.