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Walvis Bay Gymnasium helps address Erongo’s educational demand

Walvis Bay Gymnasium helps address Erongo’s educational demand

By Adolf Kaure.

Walvis Bay Gymnasium was officially inaugurated by the Mayor of Walvis Bay, H.W. Trevino Forbes at the harbour town’s Meersig suburb on Tuesday.

According to Forbes, the completion of the school’s construction is welcome news as the region seeks solutions to challenges like the growing demand for education in the Erongo Region.

“The opening of Walvis Bay Gymnasium holds great significance for our community, especially at a time when our country is grappling with challenges in student performance and overcrowding in schools.”

“This occasion marks a step forward in the town’s commitment to providing access to quality education for all,” he said.

The school terrain consists of a pre-school and secondary school block which will cater for the first intake of their 2024 learners. Next year, the construction of a primary school block along with a administration building and a school hall will be completed.

The CURRO curriculum provides quality education in a manner that provides its learners with the best possible academics while supporting their development into well-rounded citizens.

Through specialised subjects and an enhanced curriculum, its schools prepare learners for various end-of-school examination options.

“Walvis Bay Gymnasium not only signifies progress in infrastructure development but also holds the promise of fostering academic excellence and personal growth for our students.”

“As we embark on this new chapter, let us continue to work together to ensure that the benefits of this institution extend to every child in need.” said Forbes.

Namibian pioneer of the CURRO school network, Colette Riekert, said that their academic programmes are varied and rigorous. Learners engage every day in several subjects, interacting digitally with trendsetting material. Through training in habits of mind and attention, CURRO said its learners are equipped with the tools they need for a lifetime of learning and achievement.

A sports field, two hard-surface netball courts, basketball and a volleyball courts as well as a library and cafeteria also comprise the building.

The construction of the school, which commenced during June 2023, was made possible through the donation made by CURRO, the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF), Ino Harith Capital, and the Development Bank of Namibia.

Future developments to the site include the rest of the sports facilities. These are a soccer field along with a pavilion as well as dressing rooms. A hockey field is also envisioned to be added to the site. The completion of these sports facilities is expected to be later this year.

Walvis Bay Mayor H.W. Trevino Forbes (right) officially opened the new Walvis Bay Gymnasium in the presence of Windhoek Gymnasium Managing Director, Colette Rieckert.


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