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Bank Windhoek responds to situation at Opuwo Branch

Bank Windhoek responds to situation at Opuwo Branch

In light of an unfortunate incident at its Opuwo Branch, Bank Windhoek acknowledged a case of theft involving one of its employees.

The issue was promptly reported to the Namibian Police, and the bank is actively collaborating with the ongoing investigation, the bank said in a statement.

Baronice Hans, Managing Director of Bank Windhoek, assures, “The potential loss is below N$2 million, thanks to the prompt action of vigilant staff and the robust systems and controls in place at Bank Windhoek. This incident has had no impact on customer funds in any way.”

During the ongoing investigation, Bank Windhoek expressed regret that it cannot provide additional comments. The bank remains committed to transparency and pledges to release further information as it becomes available, ensuring the integrity of the ongoing inquiry is maintained.

Bank Windhoek wants to reassure its valued customers and stakeholders that appropriate measures are being implemented to address the situation. The bank remains resolute in its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and integrity.


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